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October 20, 2009


Debra Marrs


Thank you for addressing the social media mania and how it takes many writers off-course. Your reminders regarding balance, health and family are testimony that no one can do it all ALL of the time.

I'm amazed so much writing is accomplished these days considering the many distractions writers can be enticed by via an online presence.

Having annual plans and goals are a great way to stay focused on our own personal priorities. Thanks for sharing yours.

I enjoy your posts, so selfishly I'm hoping the scaled back 2010 doesn't mean you'll write less often here.

Wishing you 100% success rate on all of the above!


When I read, "Focus the lion's share of your time on building your own writing career, not merely championing other people's while yours flounders," I couldn't help turn my head to make sure you weren't sitting in my home office watching me. That stuck me right in the gut Christina! Especially since I just finished writing a book review for a friend that will appear on my blog next week. I'm going to copy/print those sage words and post it next to my laptop so that whenever I'm culled into promoting someone else's book, I pump out a few pages toward completing the one I've been talking about for years!! Thanks for the pointed advice, as always. :)

Samantha Hunter

All so true. I love supporting my friends online, and consider that my way of taking part in the writing community (as well as supporting various blogs, etc) because writing is such an isolating profession.

However, while the bulk of my online interaction is very positive and fun (which is what makes it so much fun to do, LOL), I know I could do a lot of other positive and fun things in that time as well. I guess it's all a matter of balance,

Sam (also did find and follow you on Twitter.:)

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