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March 04, 2009


Christine Fonseca

Thanks...you made my day!!! And yes, I totally get your book and swear by it. Next week I am posting about a possible marketing plan for my book as part of a blog chain I belong too. I am sure you'll get another great mention then. Happy writing!!!

Janet Goldstein

It's amazing how hard it is to get some writers (who are just people)to realize that writing (puttings words, ideas, feelings, characters, experiences on the page) and publishing (making your work public) are two different things. Authors/journalists (published writers) have ALWAYS been savvy about "selling" their work--it just looked different in different eras.

I ordered and read your book and have recommended it, and I especially like and recommend your main Writer Mama site--it's welcoming,accessible, and full of useful perspectives and information. A great model for authors and entrepreneurs who are in the process of establishing themselves.

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